cold cold heart (sickxbitch) wrote in fuck_emo,
cold cold heart

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new here

i'm new here and i'm happy to see there is a community for this b/c i'm sick and tired of these kids .
i'm 18 and i live in New Jersey which is now become a breeding ground for this spreding emo shit . seriously if anyone else is in nj do you agree?
i say which has been said before " cry me a river and drown yourself in it"
have you ever thought about just what if emo cd's came with knifes or guns ? at the end of the cd they can kill them selfs b/c THE GIRL JUST DOESNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU so ya go blow ur brians all over ur classmates in highschool
i can rant forever i truely HATE these emo f*ckers BLAH effecially the "fashion core emo kids" holy shit GRRR ok bye
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