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new here

i'm new here and i'm happy to see there is a community for this b/c i'm sick and tired of these kids .
i'm 18 and i live in New Jersey which is now become a breeding ground for this spreding emo shit . seriously if anyone else is in nj do you agree?
i say which has been said before " cry me a river and drown yourself in it"
have you ever thought about just what if emo cd's came with knifes or guns ? at the end of the cd they can kill them selfs b/c THE GIRL JUST DOESNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU so ya go blow ur brians all over ur classmates in highschool
i can rant forever i truely HATE these emo f*ckers BLAH effecially the "fashion core emo kids" holy shit GRRR ok bye
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i know what you mean, i from south jeresy and all we have down here is pop-punk and emo bands
i cant go to shows because it's chock full of 12 year olds with ugly clothes listening to "all american rejects" cover bands
what part of south nj ? ... i went to a show in Vorhees(sp) new jersey to a show to watch my friends band play it was in a Church hall which i was wiggin out about but the other bnds were like ska and pop punk, and then there was noise pollution .. grindcore lol all the lil kids were emo,poppunk,mallrats and shit it was halirous noise pollution got kicked out it was great

buy yea south nj is full of them
the whole "scene" around here is pop punk and emo