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Puking on emo kids

yea, so, this is the first time I have actually posted in a community... so here it is:

one time I got really really drunk. I went to a show in Derby, which is a burb of Wichita fucking Kansas (which blows, i bet you couldnt guess). and there was this emo band playing called Hanoi Chevrolet (go to and hear how shitty they are, are guarantee itll make you hate emo that much more) and so I got trashed, slamdanced through the audience and from then on I dont remember much! BUT! I gathered the story from people who were there. I guess I got so drunk that I puked all over myself and took my shirt off and threw it at Hanoi's lead singer. I proceeded to call them "emo Pussies" and tried to pick a fight with them by grabbing handfulls of vomit and throwing it at them. I then psuhed the drummer off his kit and tried to take the guitars guitar away saying 'You guys suck... is my tern to play...' and spit on him. They still wouldnt fuck with me. Then I passed out in a ditch. Then my friend dragged me around by my feet. Then some bitch called an ambulance. Fuckin' A! But I dont party anymore, which is for the better. The next day I cut my mohawk off knowing that I would never (and never want to) do anything that gutter punk again. After a few weeks I started to grow it back. The end!
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